Are you an entrepreneur, business professional, or an aspiring high achiever who is experiencing the following?

Are you making progress in your business or career, or are you feeling stuck, getting nowhere?
  • Feeling stuck,
  • Downturns in your business or career,
  • Struggling in communication and/or relationships,
  • Experiencing overwhelm, procrastination, worry, stress, and anxiety,
  • At times, chasing unrealistic expectations that feed low confidence and poor self-esteem,
  • Listening to a lot of negative self-talk…
  • Aching to know how to get to the next level,
  • Wanting to learn how to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be,
  • Seeking someone to get in your boat with you, help set the sail, pull the anchors up, and Break Free to go to where you want to go.

Does this sound like you?

Your mindset-mastery coach, helping professionals reach their highest potential and performance.
I am a habit-finder coach, helping professionals reach their highest potential and performance.

Hi, I Am Doug Stoddard, Your Habit Finder Coach, and I help people like you gain awareness, clarity, and take action to achieve your goals.

In my 36 years as an entrepreneur, small-business owner, sales/development professional, and coach, I have personally experienced tremendous highs & lows as I dealt with difficult financial and business issues. I also struggled with long-term relationship issues that affected my own ability to succeed. At times, I felt like I was all by myself on a sinking ship.

So what did I do?

I discovered a way to develop the awareness and clarity-driven action that created measurable results.

When I was ready to make a change, doors opened and I was introduced to a unique Habit Finder Profile. This brought deep awareness to my habits of thinking that were strengths, and to those that were sabotaging my efforts to thrive.

The assessment, combined with an amazing coach who taught me principles, practices, and procedures that has created the quality of life, vibrant and growing relationships, powerful communication, and peace of mind I never knew before.

I applied what I learned in the corporate world and other organizations that I was working with. I saw dramatic changes in sales, productivity, and relationships with my clients and especially with my family.

I was so empowered with what I had learned, that I spent hundreds of hours researching and training to become a certified coach with the Og Mandino Leadership Institute.

I now bring this transformational experience to other entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to break free and go to the next level, like I did.

Wake up! It's Time to Grow Meme

My purpose is to help you acquire ever-increasing levels of ability to handle ever-increasing levels of responsibility with ever-increasing levels of ease.

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