Joshua Westover | Owner, TrendEthic LLC

Since graduating from college in 2006, I have been fortunate to attract, work with and invest in extremely talented startup teams that have built several successful businesses, including multiple high-growth software companies. For context, the first software startup that I helped take to market was acquired for close to $40 million in just over four years after launching the company.  Achieving success as an entrepreneur certainly requires learning the mechanics of business, but even more importantly, being able to identify in ourselves the habits of thinking that are strengths, as well as shifting the patterns of thinking that sabotage the teams’ efforts to succeed.

Late in 2016, I invested in a six-month executive coaching engagement with Doug Stoddard. To be honest, I was defensive and extremely skeptical at first, but throughout this engagement, Doug effectively listened to gain a meaningful depth of understanding around my unique situation, and then quickly identified with stunning accuracy which specific unhealthy habits of thinking and communicating have been sabotaging my efforts in the various life and leadership roles that I play.

No paid event or program that I have ever participated in has ever helped me clearly identify, accept and then meaningfully shift my own poor habits of thinking the way this engagement has. Doug provided personal insights, sound advice and specific tools that I needed along the way to help me meaningfully shift my personal habits of thinking. As a leader, I am much better empowered to teach, promote and implement these same problem-solving thought patterns within my teams, which will have lasting impact on both the bottom line and our personal / organizational development.

Because Doug listens empathically, leads with Integrity, lives what he teaches, and has delivered real results in a very measurable and professional manner, he has become an integral part of my team as an executive coach, professional consultant, and a dear friend. My capacity and ability to effectively listen, communicate, connect with people, embrace structure, and enjoy the often-stressful process of entrepreneurship has greatly increased.

I would highly recommend Doug Stoddard’s services to any business or individual.