Ioana Balanescu

Since I started my coaching with Doug, my life has completely changed! It’s the first time in many years, that I have found my purpose. I have moved from being frustrated, overwhelmed, and angry to experiencing a joy that I did not know existed.

My relationships with my loved ones have improved dramatically, and now I can create a meaningful connection with every person that I meet.
Finally after so many years of struggle I am experiencing great results in my
professional life and business.

I am so grateful for the experience I have had coaching with Doug.

Dorothy Fojtik

Doug’s expertise and coaching clarified many issues that I struggled with.  No longer do I get intimidated by a big goal.  I have learned to trust the process and use your own gifts and abilities to achieve success.  Doug became a
good friend and the experience was unlike any other out there!  Thank you Doug!

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Blaine Hone | International Business Developer and Consultant, B.D. Global

As part of my consulting business I am always looking for ways to become the best I can and provide services that exceed expectations.

As a result I recently took three of the most frequently used assessment tools in the business world. My results came back in a 77 page lengthy summary. I then took the assessment that Doug uses and together we reviewed his two-page results. I achieved greater clarity and learned more about myself and what is driving my life in the Assessment that Doug uses than the other three assessments combined.

It was a great experience working with Doug!!

Paul Blanchard | Executive Director of the Og Mandino Leadership Institute

When you are looking to make a powerful investment like hiring a coach it is important that you find the real deal. Doug is the real deal. He has not spent his life aspiring to be a coach, but rather spent his life living life. He has raised 6 beautiful children, loves and honors his wife, and brings a foundation or practical experience to both the entrepreneur and the business leader. If you are looking for someone to blow your socks off with hype and larger than life promises, then Doug may not be your guy…but if you are looking for someone that will bring all of his passion, intuition, and attention for creating real results in the lives of his clients, then you found your coach.

Lisa Thomas

Reviewing the results from this assessment was like taking a long hard look in the mirror. I saw myself for who I was on the inside and for how I interacted with others around me. Going over the results helped me to see parts of myself that I longed to change but didn’t know how. Doug helped me move on from my difficult past. He opened my mind to living in the moment and to seeing things from other’s perspective.

Julie McLaws

Doug Stoddard, through his coaching has helped me to become aware of the habits of thinking that have held me back. I have been able to eliminate the fear of rejection as I have learned how to bring down walls of resistance in others. Thank you Doug for helping me with many amazing break through experiences. I have made huge strides in my confidence and abilities.

Joshua Westover | Owner, TrendEthic LLC

Since graduating from college in 2006, I have been fortunate to attract, work with and invest in extremely talented startup teams that have built several successful businesses, including multiple high-growth software companies. For context, the first software startup that I helped take to market was acquired for close to $40 million in just over four years after launching the company.  Achieving success as an entrepreneur certainly requires learning the mechanics of business, but even more importantly, being able to identify in ourselves the habits of thinking that are strengths, as well as shifting the patterns of thinking that sabotage the teams’ efforts to succeed.

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